Microgaming Table Games

Microgaming is one of the most trusted gambling software developers in the world. It created its very first casino software over a decade ago, making it a pioneer in the online gambling industry. Since then, Microgaming has consistently churned out the most impressive online casino games in terms of gameplay and graphics. Their games can really make you feel as if you have stepped into an actual brick and mortar casino. You’ll forget that you’re even playing online, except that everything is much more convenient and there’s none of that stuffy feeling and annoying waiting that is so commonplace in real casinos. Indeed, Microgaming has put online gambling ways ahead of live play. What’s most impressive about Microgaming, however, is how they managed to create the best available table games. Before, it was hard to imagine how games like poker and blackjack into a virtual environment, but Microgaming has done this seamlessly.

Microgaming has created several online table games, some of which are very popular.


Poker is just about the most popular card game in the world. Those who have not seen online poker yet might think that the game would be a failure because the game itself is dependent on tells. However, this is not the case. Online poker is massively successful, so much so that it has generated millions and millions of users online. Microgaming’s poker uses a pretty simple interface. If you know how to play poker, it will not be too hard for you to figure out the online version. However, there are several different versions of the game. The most popular one is Texas Hold’em, but other variations include Triple Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker, and Caribbean Poker. Microgaming first launched its poker software back in 2003 and has since then been powering the Poker Network.


Blackjack is also a very popular table game, albeit quite a controversial one. Many of you will probably remember it for the issue of card counting. Some people say that you can beat the game of blackjack if you’re good at math. In fact, there was even a movie about a math professor who brought several of his students to a casino and managed to ‘beat Vegas’ by card counting. Still, all things considered, blackjack is a pretty fun game that’s easy to understand and has some pretty nice odds. Most other casino games have odds that are tilted way too much to the casino’s advantage, but blackjack isn’t one of them. Furthermore, this game doesn’t just rely completely on luck but also on a bit of strategy. The fact that you’re playing against the house rather than against other players makes it even more fun too as camaraderie is fostered among the players.


Another table game that’s very entertaining is Craps. It can be complicated or easy depending on the type of bets you make. The simplest one is, of course, the pass or don’t pass bet. However, you can also make the more complicated type of bets such as snake eyes, etc. However, here’s a very important tip. The more complicated your bets are, the better the odds are for the house. Of course, the better the rewards are too. But then again, you have to be quite an expert at it before you even attempt these complicated bets. Otherwise, you’ll just end up losing. It looks impressive to make them, true, but save the theatrics for an actual game at a brick and mortar casino, it’ll be worth more there.


Baccarat is another game that’s pretty popular in online casinos. Microgaming’s baccarat has been widely praised for having pretty good graphics. In fact, if you play it, you’ll feel as if you’re actually playing at an actual casino. Baccarat is actually pretty popular because it was said to be James Bond’s favorite game. This dice game has pretty simple rules, though, so it’s very easy to understand. The house odds in Baccarat are pretty low, so you can try it out and not lose too much money. Just don’t go overboard with your bets.


There’s also European Roulette, which is hands down one of the most enjoyable games of all. Of course, you should choose European roulette rather than American roulette because the former has only one zero and the latter has two. The house edge is pretty high for American roulette so don’t even consider playing it. What’s great about Microgaming’s Roulette is that the graphics are pretty excellent and smooth. You’ll be impressed at the atmosphere that the music creates. Of course, there’s also the fact that some of Microgaming’s Roulette games have progressive jackpots. So, if you win, you’ll really win big. This is what you need to play if you want to enjoy your online casino experience. Nothing beats a game of roulette if you want to enjoy.

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