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One of the most common ways to load online casino accounts is by using credit cards. Almost everybody holds a credit card, which makes it very convenient to use it to pay for products and services online. And this includes loading online casino gaming accounts.

What Are Credit Cards?

Credit cards are little plastic cards you can obtain from banks, financial institutions, and credit card companies. Holders of credit cards can use them to shop at online and offline.

When credit card holders use them to make payments, they are using a credit line issued by their banks or financial institutions. So the funds are not drawn directly from their bank accounts. Instead, the consumer is using borrowed money that needs to be repaid within a month, failing which they have to pay interest on the amount borrowed.

Since credit card holders are using credit, and not the money saved in their bank accounts, they should be careful while using them at online casinos. They should establish specific deposit limits otherwise they may run into unwanted credit card debts. The most commonly used credit cards are Visa and MasterCard credit cards. These credit cards are considered to be the most widely accepted and are therefore welcome at most online casinos for both deposits and withdrawals. There might be some online casinos, however, which will only allow you to deposit to your casino account with a credit card, and not allow you to withdraw funds to your credit card.

How to Use Credit Cards to Make Deposits

If you have used your credit card to purchase any product or service at an offline or online store, you shouldn’t find it difficult to use your credit card to load your online casino gaming account.

Here is a brief guideline to help you:

If you live in a country like the USA, where the gambling laws are vague, your credit card transactions may get declined. In such a case, you can use alternative payment options such as electronic wallets, direct bank transfer, eChecks, and other methods.

How to Withdraw Using Credit Cards

You cannot use credit cards to withdraw your winnings at most online casinos. At some online casinos, you cannot use just MasterCard to withdraw your winnings, but you can use other types of credit cards. The withdrawal procedure is similar to that of making a deposit.

If you want to withdraw your winnings from your credit card online casino, you must use the following methods:

Choose your credit card casino with care as there are a number of rogue casinos that are only interested in cheating players. Read plenty of reviews, discuss the casino at online casino gaming forums, and do your own research before signing up at a credit card casino.

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