Microgaming Card Games

Microgaming has long been one of the leading companies in casino games development, if not already the leading company. It is a privately owned software development company that has provided tons of games and casino software to online casinos all over the world and almost all of the online casino goers out there know the name. of course, it has been around for quite some time now, launching its first releases in the year 1994 and is presently one of the most trusted casino software developers in the world. It is during the year of 2002 when Microgaming released their Viper software which had the biggest collection of games and the best security and other features as well. Overall, more than 120 casinos use Microgaming’s Viper technology presently.

Why Microgaming is the Best

During the early years of online casinos, there were a lot of shady casinos on the internet and in order to identify the trustworthy casinos from the rest, a group of casino software developers including Microgaming formed a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring fair gaming, known as e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance or eCOGRA for short, the purpose of which is to brand certain trustworthy casinos with their seal of approval, which of course, worked.

Microgaming has provided casino goers with hundreds of games with exciting gameplay, brilliant graphics, smooth animation, and a particularly believable atmosphere that will most likely let you feel that you’re in a real casino playing your favorite games. Microgaming managed to be one of the most popular developers of all time and has successfully provided a way to integrate new games to casinos without any difficulty at all.

Classic Card Games of Microgaming

As mentioned before, Microgaming has provided casinos with countless games including different variations of the classic casino games. Microgaming’s card games are among the best on the internet and it’s really difficult to find the same entertainment as what Microgaming provides with its card games compared to other games developed by other companies. The main reason why a lot of people love playing card games such as poker in casinos powered by Microgaming’s Viper software is that the poker rooms in the casinos are all connected via a network, which gives you the opportunity to play with more people online. There are more than 40 rooms in the network, and it really just feels like a pretty huge poker room. This not only ensures that there are no cheaters and hackers around since it’s a lot easier to manage, but it also gives you the atmosphere that you are playing cards at a real casino setting. Well, if that’s not enough with you, you can also choose to play some card games with a live dealer. Yes, you’ll have an even more realistic experience playing the games, and the streaming of the games is pretty smooth to boot.

In terms of poker variations, you’ll find that Microgaming has most likely provided the casinos with your favorite type of game. Three-card poker has been quite the popular variation of the game on the internet, and if you like it, then you’ll definitely have a blast playing Microgaming’s poker games. You can also find tons of exciting card games waiting for you depending on what game you prefer. What’s more is that Microgaming constantly updates its games and there are new releases every now and then. You won’t find a dull moment when Microgaming is in charge. Microgaming is also looking for new ways to make sure that you can play their games whenever you want to, developing games targeted to mobile phones and PDA’s. Mobile gambling will be pretty much the next big thing in the future.

Downloadable Casino and Flash Casino

Another thing that makes Microgaming’s games way better than the rest is that you’ll have the option of either downloading the casinos or games you want to or play on your web browser. So, if you really want to try something out first, you can do so with the flash version of the games, and if you’re more comfortable playing the games saved on your hard drives, then you can also do so. Having the choice of playing from your hard drive or through a web browser definitely gives Microgaming games a huge plus on them.

Overall, if you’re playing card games at a casino powered by Microgaming’s Viper software, then you can rest assured that you’re not being ripped off. Microgaming is one of the most credible developers out there and the card games in the casinos powered by Viper are guaranteed to provide fair gameplay free of hackers and cheaters. Also, Microgaming’s card games earns their places at the top since Microgaming has dozens of card rooms available for the players and there are more than 450 casino games and counting in total, a good number of which are card games. Also, with their unique designs, exciting gameplay and believable graphics makes Microgaming’s card games the most aesthetically pleasing ones from the rest.

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