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Microgaming Casino Bonuses

One of the very first things that we do when we choose an online casino is to take a look at the software provider. This is done so as to assure ourselves that when we do play at an online casino game, there will be no glitches or lags that can make playing a pain. Now, when it comes to software providers, you can rest assured that Microgaming is one of the top, if not the top, casino software providers in the industry. The number of years that they have been providing casino software to hundreds of online casinos is already proof enough of their very good reputation.

There are many Microgaming casinos out there to choose from, so to better make a good choice, be sure to check out the casino bonuses that they are providing. It is good to know the casino bonuses because, during your time at the online casino, you can take advantage of the free cash or the free spins that you can get when you deposit at a certain day or be chosen as the lucky player of the day.

The Signup Bonus

Of course, the signup bonus is the bonus that almost all Microgaming casinos offer. This is, after all, the bonus that you will get if and when you register and become a playing member of the casino.

Now, there are Microgaming casinos that offer a no deposit bonus. This means that you need not deposit any money just so you could avail of the signup bonus, and that all you will need to do is to simply sign up and create a real account with them. The no deposit bonus depends upon the Microgaming casino, some giving away as much as $10 or $30 of free cash.

There is also the match-up deposit bonus wherein you will need to sign up with them, create a real account, deposit money, and then the Microgaming casino will match it up with a certain percentage. Depending upon the Microgaming casino, it can go up as much as 100%, even 200%, match-up deposit bonus. So let us say for example that you deposited $100, then the casino will match it up with 100%, giving you a total of $200 as starting money to place bets with.

The Reload, Weekly, and Monthly Bonuses

In a nutshell, these are simply bonuses that the Microgaming casinos give out each week or each month. To avail of this, you will need to make a deposit at a certain day of the week or certain week of the month. For example, if you make a deposit on a Thursday, you get to take advantage of a weekly bonus, and it can be a 10% of the deposit you made that day or more. Again, the bonus amount depends upon the casino. The same explanation goes for a monthly bonus. On the other hand, the reload bonus is simply the bonus that you get each and every time you make a deposit or when you “reload” your player’s account.

The Refer a Friend Bonus

This is a very popular bonus right now; however, not all Microgaming casinos offer the refer a friend bonus. To avail of this bonus, you need to create a real account with them, of course, and deposit money. Now, once done, all that you have to do is to refer one of your friends and encourage them to sign up with the same Microgaming casino that you are a member of. If they do sign up, the casino will give you a certain percentage of your friend’s initial deposit. Some give 20% of the initial deposit, while some give 25%. Again, the percentage will depend upon the Microgaming casino and can change without prior notice to its players.

The Loyalty Program

This is not really a bonus per se, but the perks and the benefits that you get from getting into the loyalty program of a Microgaming casino can be one of the biggest bonuses that you can receive. When you become a member of their loyalty program, you earn points. This can be called loyalty points or comp points, depending upon the casino, and when you accumulate enough points, you can then trade it for some items in their online shop, or for free spins, or free cash, for example. The comp points can also earn you an opportunity to get into their tournaments, be it a minor or a major tourney; or it can also give you special gifts like an accommodation in one of the top hotels in Las Vegas.

Another advantage of the loyalty program is that the more bets you place, the more points you earn, and the higher on the loyalty program you climb. The higher you are on the loyalty program, the bigger and the better bonuses and services that you get. For example, instead of receiving a 10% reload bonus, you get 15%. You also get to benefit from special services like your own “personal manager” when you are playing.

The Rakeback or Cash Back Bonus

One of the best bonuses in the online casino industry right now is the rakeback bonus. With this, you simply get back a certain percentage of all your total rakes per day, per week, or per month, depending upon the casino. The good thing about rakes is that, even if you win or lose, you still get some of your cash back. If you are a member of a loyalty club, then you will notice that you are enjoying bigger rakeback bonuses or percentages.

There are many Microgaming casino bonuses out there, and these are just some of the commonest and most popular ones.